Being a Wrestling Fan

There is nothing quite like being a true wrestling fan. The excitement, the frustration, and the love for the business is what keeps everyone going back. Wrestling has a way of connecting with the fans, young and old, and its the reason we all love it. The excitement: seeing returns of your favourites, seeing your favourites win, and seeing moments that make you get out of your seat. The frustration: seeing the people you hate win, and booking being absolutely terrible. The love for the business: coming back each and every week to watch the product with no offseason.

About Me

I will never forget the moment that I fell in love with wrestling. October 3, 2005, Austin stuns the entire McMahon family on the Monday Night Raw homecoming show. Steve Austin is the reason that wrestling is as big as it is today and it is no surprise that he introduced me to wrestling the way he did. However, the moment that got me hooked was being in the 15th row at Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit. I could not take my eyes off that ring, Jeff Hardy jumping off that ladder, seeing the Undertaker entrance live, seeing the streak live on, seeing Austin stun the Donald, and seeing Cena triumph over HBK in the main event. Wrestling is a part of me, and this blog will serve to vent my excitement, my frustration, and my love for the business. Join me!